Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project in Progress!

Hey everyone!

Long time, NO POST!

I apologize for that, but I have been VERY busy with lots of crazy things including 
the current project I am working on.

After over a year, the first product is on store shelves and I can reveal information!!

Meet the Learnalots!
They are 8 characters that will help making learning special subjects fun through multiple products.
(L to R: Sofie, Leo, Kit, Scout, Piper, Zak, Flora and Bo)

The first product on shelves NOW (Sam's and Costco across US)
are giant floor pad activity books.
There is one for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and a Ready for Reading Book.

If you go into a Sam's of Costco, go look in the book section and give me a shout.
You can find me on Facebook - Nikki Boetger Illustrations
Twitter - NikkiLBoetger
or my blog - Nikki Boetger Illustrations!

I am keeping a giant map of LAL Sightings. So far, friends have found in Washington, Utah, Montana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio!!! I would love to add YOUR town/state to my map!!!